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Vitamin B12

A: yes its absolutely true

a 250 pound friend lost weight that way!!! I’m so jealous and currently on a diet cos I was always the thinner one !!!!!!

Q: Vitamin B12……….?
I took Vitamin B12 supplement one tablet before 6 hours but still it can not digest by me, i am feeling my tongue has rust taste and vomiting sensation.Feeling bad bad bad. What should i do? Please tell me
as soon as possible…

A: don’t take any more

Q: Vitamin B12?
Does Vitamin B12 inhibit muscle growth?

A: no

Q: Vitamin B12?
is vitamin B12 on a pill just as good as shot for helping you lose weight

A: I own a health and nutrition business and have taught fitness. The answer to your question depends on your age and the condition of your system. The older you get, the less able your system is able to absorb B-12, until when you get into middle age, your system loses it’s ability to absorb it altogether. Also, many vitamin pills have a coating that doesn’t break down in the digestive system fast enough so the vitamin washes out before your system has a chance to absorb it.
There is a product called sublingual B-12 that you can get most places. “Sublingual” means “Under the tongue” and sublingual B-12 is dissolved under the tongue and delivered directly to the bloodstream. Taking 5000 mcg per day in a sublingual form should give you much the same benefit as the shots without the UCK factor. Since B-12 is a water soluable vitamin which washes out of the system quickly, you want to look at spacing it out over several times per day and not just once.
As far as what it does: B-12 of itself doesn’t help you lose weight, but it is called the “stress vitamin” as it helps with energy, helps handle stress, and basically helps even out the mood swings one can suffer when they are losing weight.

Q: Vitamin B12?
I am extremely tired all the time, I have PCOS and I am sure I am anemic!
I am wondering if taking a b12 supplement would help?

I read it helps with exhaustion
any tips?

A: b vitamins are the only vitamins that when i take them, i actually feel a difference. i would actually take a b-complex vitamin, they help with yoru nervouse system, make you feel awake and i findthey just brighten my overall mood.

find out for sure if you are enemic, you might need an iron supplement. that can be a serious problem

Q: vitamin b12?
I am extremely tired all the time, I have PCOS and I am sure I am anemic!
I am wondering if taking a b12 supplement would help?

I read it helps with exhaustion
any tips?

A: I would defiantly talk to your doc. he/she might put you on iron pills if, your anemic. B12 supplements work very well, you can get a B12 shot which is absorbed quicker…I would eat a diet rich in legumes, vegetables & meat, which are rich in iron…
The are two different type of iron in food: haem iron, found in red meat seafood and poultry, and non-haem iron found in breads, fruits, breakfast cereals, vegetable, legumes (e.g. baked beans), nuts and eggs.

Haem iron foods are rich in iron and contain iron in the form that is easily absorbed by the body. Red meat also has a special effect on iron absorption. The meat when eaten together with the vegetables, can boost the absorption of non-haem iron by up to four times. Vitamin C also has a similar positive effect on the absorption of iron.
In other words, the key to an iron rich diet is to eat a combination of iron rich foods high in both haem and non-haem iron.

Q: Vitamin B12?
I thought I heard Dr.OZ on the Oprah show that you can consume 1200 mg – 1500 mg of B12 daily… I can’t remember the exact amount and can not find the archive for it on her web site… does any one know

A: All the B vitamins are water soluble, so you could take as much as you like (within reason, see link below for B6 caution) without hurting yourself as long as your kidneys are healthy. Just know that the resulting fluorescent color in your urine is all the extra that your body didn’t need, your $$ flushed away.

Water soluble vitamins are the B’s and C.

Fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E, K; it is possible to reach toxic levels of fat soluble vitamins.

Q: vitamin b12?
what would happen if had injections of B12 and your B12 reading was normal
my reading is borderline….had it done at one london hospitals.because more than 4people in 3month period people had similar readings they changed goals post of what that hospital now say is normal….that was after a schilling test…

A: Vitamin B-12 is water soluble, and the excess would be excreted fairly rapidly.

Q: vitamin b12?
is it true that after you brush your teeth at night and go to sleep b12 forms in your teeth and when you get up you have to drink water so it can go down to your stomach so you can get energy?

A: Hi.
Turn things around: Why should it be true?
Where do people get their B12 from? The answer is food. After you eat your body still needs to extract B12 from the food so this idea is totally absurd.
If you think you need B12 just buy some B12 tablets!!
Best of luck!!

Q: What low level of Vitamin B12 would be considered deficiency anemia?
Yesterday I was told by my doctor my Vitamin B12 level is 97, and that I should take supplements. She didn’t say I was anemic, but everyone I’ve told has been shocked and asked if I was anemic. Any ideas?

A: you can probably find your answer on this site somewhere!
it’s a website called the dietary supplement information bureau and it has a lot of information on pretty much every vitamin and mineral, as well as what disabilities and diseases it can treat. hope this helps :)

Q: If taking a vitamin b12 gives me energy does that mean I was deficient?
If it gives me energy for a few hours does that mean I didn’t have enough b12 to begin with?

A: No… it wouldn’t work that quickly, I wouldn’t think.

B12 deficiency causes anemia, because B12 is used to make red blood cells. I doubt in a short time of taking B12, it got absorbed into your blood from your stomach, and then got taken to the bone marrow where it was used to make more red blood cells.

I think it was something else that boosted your energy.

There is no such thing as a B12 “boost”. Either you have enough, or you don’t.

If you suspect you’re deficient (if for example you have symptoms like tiredness and breathlessness) you can get the doctor to check you out, and they’ll measure the levels of red blood cells in your blood, and see if you have anemia.

Q: How do you get Vitamin-B12 in a vegetarian diet without any supplements/vitamins?
How to get Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 would also be nice to know.
I’m not trying to lose weight and eating fish is not vegetarian. If you eat fish you are eating meat; therefore, you are not a vegetarian.

A: Legumes (beans) for B12

Q: What are the symptoms of taking overdose of vitamin b12?
I am taking a needle of “Depovit b12-1000″ every 2 days, is that a lot?

I am taking b12 coz my hands shaking so hard, and i am 23 years old BTW.

PS. i am taking Centrum multivitmins too!

A: Everything you might want to know about Vitamin B12:

No reason to inject yourself; there are plenty of oral forms. It’s water-soluble, so the excess is eliminated by the body. There is no official upper limit of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is readily available in animal food sources, which is why vegetarians need the supplement. It is also used for medical conditions, such as pernicious anemia.

Q: Vitamin B12 and vegetarianism?
Hi, my family have all been vegetarian for nearly ten years now.
My mum has just been diagnosed with severe B12 deficiency.

Do you have a list of vegetarian foods that contain this vitamin?

Thans for any help!
We’re not vegan- we’re willing to eat dairy products.
Geflite girl- it wasn’t caused by the vegetarianism, the deficiency is auto-immune. But thanks for your comment.

A: I’m really sorry to hear of your mother’s deficiency. She may have problems absorbing and utilising the vitamin. I know meat eaters who have low levels of B12, it’s not a deficiency that only us veg*ns get.

The good news is that a lack of B12 can be alleviated with a B12 shot every 3 months. (See a medical professional about this).

Algae, seaweed and spirulina are NOT reliable sources of B12. The importance of this vitamin should never be underestimated because as you probably know, a deficiency can cause a whole host of problems, most notably neurological (nerve) damage.

Vegetarians CAN get plenty of vitamin B12 from cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, enriched dairy free milks (like soya, oat, rice), and fortified breakfast cereals. Maybe your mother should see a nutritionist- she most probably needs B12 supplementation.

Good luck! :]

Q: What are the benefits of Vitamin B12?
I have heard and read a lot of conflicting opinions. Is it true that B12 can help with metabolism/weight loss? If so, how long before the effects are noticed?

That’s good to know. I have a history of moderate anemia.

A: You need all the B vitamins. B12 does help with energy level.

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